April 29, 2015

Betty’s Blends, Volume Two: Best from the West Available June 2, 2015

Chris Robinson Brotherhood has announced the release of Betty’s Blend’s, Volume Two: Best From The West on June 2. Recorded and mixed by the legendary Grateful Dead archivist Betty Cantor-Jackson, the seven-track collection features performances captured throughout The CRB’s 2014 summer tour of the western United States, including “Rosalee” from the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, “Shore Power” from Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, “Burn Slow” from Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver and a standout 15-minute plus version of “Vibration & Light Suite” from Theatre Deville in Vacaville, CA. In addition to CRB originals, the set includes a pair of covers: “They Love Each Other” by The Grateful Dead and “Driving Wheel” by Tom Rush, which are invariably highlights of The CRB’s live shows.

True to the band’s farm-to-table aesthetic, Betty’s Blends, Vol. 2 will be issued by Robinson’s own label imprint, Silver Arrow Records, as a limited edition release with only 2000 2-LP sets, 2000 CDs and 2000 downloads available.

“Off we go on another sonic adventure through the ears and mind of the one and only Betty Cantor-Jackson,” says Chris Robinson. “Clear some room, lay on the music and let the high times commence!”

Chris Robinson Brotherhood will be touring throughout 2015, including a number of high profile summer festivals.

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